How To Cure the End of Summer Blues

Hey there beach babes!

I hope summer has treated you well, and you’re all heading into fall with a glowing tan! Sure the season of lazy pool days and nights on the beach is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your good mood has to end as well. Let’s head into fall with a bang, and the memories of summer in our minds! Let’s not let those end-of-summer blues get us down! As a professional beach-bum myself, I’ve found several ways to help cope with the loss of summer.


  1. Have one last hoorah!

Our endless love affair with summer has everything to do with the fact that everyday has the potential to action-packed and fun filled. When fall rolls around, school and work seem to get in the way. What better way to end summer on a high note than have one final celebration! Go out with your girls, have everyone round for a barbecue, do something. Give summer the closure it deserves.

  1. Picture this!

beach-boardwalk-selfie_4460x4460When you scroll back through your camera roll, you know you’re going to find hundreds of snapshots of you and your crew at the beach—all those pics that remind you just how much fun you had this summer. Don’t let them go to waste. Print a few out, put them on the fridge, frame them. Set them as your screen saver. Even save a few for an Instagram TBT! Don’t let all those summer selfies go to waste!

  1. Start fresh!

A new season calls for a new you! Get yourself back into the swing of things by cleansing yourself and your surroundings. Give your apartment a makeover, rearrange some furniture. Maybe even clean out your closet?! Do whatever it takes to give yourself the clean slate you need to head into fall. Starting fresh will help clear your mind and prepare you for real life!


  1. Treat yourself!

Going back to school? Get some cute school supplies! Starting work again on Monday? Go ahead and buy yourself those cute shoes you’ve been eyeing. You’ve had a good summer, and now it’s time to get back to work, so indulge a little and motivate yourself!

  1. Mark your calendar!

Don’t get yourself too down about it, spring and summer will definitely be back. In the mean time, we have lots of things to look forward too. Break out the planner and mark down all the holidays between now and next summer. Christmas is only four months away, and don’t forget about Halloween and Thanksgiving! There are plenty of good times to be had, even if it is cold out.

Hope our little tips help! We’ll get through the post-summer slump together!



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