So many bikinis- how do I choose?!

Hey Fashionistas!

So, I’m currently in the market for bikinis, as usual. A girl can never have too many suits, am I right?! This week I took to a little online shopping, and I found myself a bit stumped. You see, buying bikinis is an extensive and often stressful process. I mean there are literally hundreds of styles of bikinis nowadays, so how am I meant to decide? So many options, it’s a little overwhelming if I do say so myself.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has issues finding the right suit, especially now there are so many styles to choose from. This week I thought we could share some of our faves. I’m always curious to find out what my fashionistas feel great in!

This is my go-to guide for picking suits. There are so many suits for so many different occasions and moods, it just depends what you’re looking for!

1. If you’re looking for a nice even tan…

shutterstock_407835811The Bandeau top- This is a favorite of mine. The strapless top (which usually comes with removable straps) is great for lying out and catching an evenly bronzed tan straight across your shoulders. No funky lines around your neck or back. And if you plan on throwing the football around on the beach, you can snap on the straps for the added support. It’s a win win.

2. If you need protection and support…

Underwire- My fellow fashionistas with a not-so-small chest, this one’s for you. That itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini is just not working, huh? What you need is some underwire. Lots of suits, from halters to bandeaus have underwire in them, so you have a few options. The wire gives the added support we all need, and gives a little guarantee we won’t be flashing anyone at the pool—phew!


3. If you’re feeling a little cheeky…

Cheeky bottoms- Cheeky bottoms do exactly what they sound like; they show off a little cheek. Without going full on Brazilian bottom, the cheeky can give the illusion of a bigger booty—and hey, I’m not complaining! These bottoms are great for tanning, and they’re surprisingly comfortable. I guess less really is more!

4. If you’re looking for something different…

The cut out- You know the ones, the suits that have pieces cut out in design? Like the bottoms with the strappy sides, or the tops with strappy backs and shapes cut out at the side. These suits, depending on the amount of cutouts, show some skin, and they most definitely leave you with a unique tan!

5. If you’re looking for something classic…

The triangle- You really can’t go wrong here. The good old triangle tops, like my favorite Versakini tops, are flattering on everyone. They’re adjustable and simple. Tying yourself in is all there is to it.
I think we’ve covered a few of the basics. There are SO many more styles out there, but there just aren’t enough days to wear them all!


What do you think? What’s your go-to bikini? I need some input from my favorite fashionistas! How do you feel about the styles I mentioned? Help a sister out and leave me a note! I’m always looking to add to my collection!

Talk soon,


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