Travel Trend: A Glamour Girl’s Guide to Camping

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So, you’re used to being put up in amazing suites lining some of the world’s greatest beaches. Well, how do you feel about switching it up? Glamping, or glamorous camping, has become a huge attraction over the past few years, offering those who want is a little taste of nature.
Glamping: [noun] The activity of spending time in the great outdoors in the most luxurious yet close-to-nature way!
But you’re worried about the bugs and not knowing how to pitch a tent. No need to be. Yeah, you’re still in nature, soaking up the sun and fresh air, but you’re doing so in a cabin, teepee, open air room or something nicer than your average fabrics and tent poles. So, where can you go for the ultimate glamping experience? Check out some of these hot spots around the globe:

Huttopia White Mountains


The Northeast is not all big cities and business stiffs. Get out of town and head on over to Huttopia White Mountains. Stay in a valley or be perched in the mountains, wake up to the songs of birds and get lost in the tranquility of nature. With hiking, kayaking, swimming and more available, you’re sure to find accommodations that suit everyone in your tribe!

Elqui Domos



There is nothing like being along with the stars. Find your place in the galaxy right in Chile. With detachable roofs in tents that act as observatories, Elqui Domos is ideal for stargazers. With two stories, a balcony and private bathroom, you have all that you need to stay comfortable while spending some introspective time. You can even learn more about the world above by taking an astronomy tour in their new observatories featuring motorized domes and telescopes for optimal viewing.

Blue Bear Mountain Camp


Go off the grid in the mountains of North Carolina! You can choose from a teepee-style tent or a cabin for your glamping experience, and relish in the crisp, mountain air. This is the location for someone looking to unplug as it’s completely solar and wind powered. Just don’t forget your hiking boots and furry friends – you’ll definitely want to soak up the views as you get in touch with Mother Nature.

Cosy Tents


Australia’s coasts may be known for their beautiful waters and spectacular views, but tucked away in the hills of Victoria is Cosy Tents. Sleep in adorable teepee tents that are completely furnished at night and go into town to spend time among the locals during the day. They even deliver what is called a “brekkie box” so you can have a nice lie in before going off to explore. Overall, this is a great way to ease yourself into the great outdoors.

Bespoke Hideaways – Discovery Bedu


Escape from the ordinary with a unique trip to Jordan. See the country like never before by spending your nights among the vast desert. After watching mesmerizing sunsets over copper sands, you’ll be treated the the ethereal moonglow over camp, all while learning about the unique desert cuisine. This is a great way to get away from everyday chaos and have an experience not many can take.


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